American Gordon Brothers intensifies purchase of assets of companies from the Brazilian market of construction machinery



DECEMBER 20, 2018

Originally published in Grandes Construções


The American multinational Gordon Brothers, with 115 years of activity in the asset purchase market, reinforces its operations in Brazil

Present in 25 countries and with a turnover of transactions and valuations of US $ 70 billion per year, the company has conquered the global market helping companies from all sectors of the economic activity that need quick liquidity or want to part with all of their assets in the search for a market repositioning.

"We feel it is an important moment for us to work hard with the construction machinery segment in Brazil, boosting its strategic consolidation so that it grows stronger," said Marcos Brandt, senior managing director of Gordon Brothers Brazil.

The sale of assets at fair value, either to capitalize companies or to reinvest, is an operation that needs to be done with great care and planning, since these are situations that are under stress and can become a drain on expenses, if not conducted in a professional and well organized manner. That is exactly where we come in with equity, global reach, and experience of more than 115 years, says the director.

Both in the construction machinery market and in the industry, used and new equipment are resold in national and international markets where there is demand, explains Brandt. At the same time, what is junk goes into the recycling chain, so that everything is monetized.

The company makes a precise diagnosis of the assets and seeks the best price for all the items in markets of different countries of the world. With strategy, it maximizes the value of every category of assets, eases leases, alleviates assets and even operates in companies when necessary. In addition, Gordon Brothers enables the purchase of raw materials and promotes business development in organizations.

Despite its history of retail, consumer products and real estate, 50% of Gordon Brothers' revenue comes from industry, including construction, shipbuilding and mining. A year and a half ago, in Brazil, the company has the clear objective of making the country one of its ten markets.

According to Brandt, the company is investing in the purchase of assets of the construction equipment market according to what the country demands, regardless of the "size" of the business. They also liquidate, close and buy everything from companies that are leaving the country. "It is a business model of our own, because we are not consulting or investment banking," he says.